Dalrada Energy Services provides pathways to a responsible and sustainable energy future. By providing end-to-end comprehensive energy products and services in a robust commercial capacity, DES helps businesses and other organizations meet environmental goals that promote sustainability and save money. Best of all, DES facilitates real-world energy transition with no capital investment from our clients.

With Dalrada Energy Services, you can:

  • Address unmet energy savings and identify future cost savings
  • Meet the growing needs of conducting environmentally-friendly business
  • Maintain compliance with laws and mandates requiring sustainability plans
  • Correct potential energy issues to maximize cost-saving efforts

In order for Dalrada Energy Services to complete an audit, our clients are required to provide the following:

  1. One bill copy per account.
    1. If the client has online access to their utility invoices, login information can be provided and our team will pull the historical usage and bills online. 
  2. Copy of any supplier agreements.
  3. Signed letter of authorization and audit agreement.

*Information and data collected will be used by our 3rd-party partner: Utility Advisor